My writer friend Lindsay Dyer and I teamed up in school to make the tastiest campaign we could cook up. We wanted to speak to young professionals who have most of the whole adult thing down—job: check, romance: sure. But to get to the next level of being a real, functional human, they’re learning to cook to reach the next tier of adulthood.

Enter: McCormick Spice Master. Instead of relying on costly subscriptions like HelloFresh or Blue Apron, we made a three-level packaging solution to let young people dip their toes into the world of cooking. Start at level one and then climb the ranks to the highest rank of Spice Master: dipping your toes? No. Now you’re a veritable Michael Phelps of cuisine. Congrats on all those medals.

We also made a supporting campaign to get the word out about McCormick Spice Master.

Level One Packaging:

Level Two Packaging:

Level Three Packaging:



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